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History of the course

The course was developed by Dr Ross Coles in the late 1970's. There have been 27 courses so far, making it one of the longest running tinnitus courses in the world. Understandably there have been many changes during this period: not only has the teaching faculty changed with time but also our knowledge of tinnitus has changed and with it the content of the course. In addition the location of the course has moved: initially the course was held in Nottingham but in 2002 a decision was made that it should be moved to Cambridge.



The course is intended to provide a broad overview of tinnitus in the form of history, basic sciences and epidemiology. There are in-depth presentations of the current models of tinnitus and guidance on practical issues. The psychological and neurophysiological models are compared and contrasted. Medical issues such as surgery and drug therapy are discussed, as is the role of complementary medicine. Specific reference is made to tinnitus in the paediatric population and the issue of sleep problems in tinnitus patients. Small group workshops are held on a variety of topics.


Target audience

The course is aimed at health care professionals involved in the management of tinnitus patients and research personnel involved in tinnitus research.