Organisations involved with ETC and useful related sites


British Tinnitus Association

The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is a busy tinnitus charity, offering help and advice to professionals and lay people alike. From 2017, The BTA is supplying administrative support for the European Tinnitus Course.

British Society of Audiology

Founded in 1966, the British Society of Audiology is the largest audiological society in Europe.


Action on Hearing Loss

Previously known as the RNID, Action on Hearing Loss is the largest charity in the UK representing deaf and hard of hearing people.


Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Centre

The Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Centre website offers a considerable wealth of information regarding all aspects of tinnitus.


The Studio

Situated within central Manchester, The Studio is a modern Event Centre and the current home of the European Tinnitus Course.


Visit Manchester

For those who wish to combine the European Tinnitus Course with a holiday in Manchester, this site offers invaluable advice.



Other tinnitus training courses in the UK


Tinnitus Adviser Training Course

Teaching counselling skills, this course runs three times a year in a variety of venues. Small group sessions for professionals and involved members of the public. For further details contact the British Tinnitus Association.

Assessment and Management of  Tinnitus in Children

A two day course run in Sheffield. For further details contact the British Tinnitus Association.

Tinnitus and Hyperacusis in Adults and Children

An annual course, run in London, highlighting recent developments in the field of tinnitus management. Next course, in January 2018. Details can be accessed by clicking here.


Tinnitus Retraining Course (TRT)

An annual course run at the British Library in London. The 2005 course was the last course prior to the retirement of Mr JWP Hazell and there are currently no plans for further TRT courses in the UK.


Recommended reading


Tinnitus: A Multidisciplinary Approach

The concept for this book grew out of discussions between the authors while lecturing at ETC and, in some ways, can be regarded as the textbook of the course. We thoroughly recommend it (well, we would!).